""The Hottest Violist of the 21st Century""
Norman Lebrecht, Arts Journal
"I've seen few people his age with so much understanding."
Pinchas Zukerman,
"Carpenter's fervent and full-toned playing demonstrates just how eloquent the viola can be in the right hands."
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
"Larger-than-life playing"
Andrew Clements, The Guardian
"A passionate player who dramatises his music in vivid, imaginative ways, David Aaron Carpenter is a violist to watch. And a violist to hear- his soulful sound, committed playing and dazzling technique leaves little to desire (...) It was a delight to hear such a committed and sincere performer."
Leah Swann, The Strad
"Not only was he technically flawless, but each succeeding work was ideally characterized. One simply listened with pleasure, happy to witness what had the unmistakable aura of an important musical event."
Dennis Rooney, The Strad
"Phenomenal new super-star of the viola world, David Aaron Carpenter is a performer of staggering ability"
David Denton, Yorkshire Post
"A star violist(...) Carpenter has a robust sound and mercurial personality."
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times
"He produced a seductively rich sound and demonstrated both a forceful interpretive personality and remarkable control of his instrument"
Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
"Violists of the first rank, combining technical assurance with charismatic flair, don’t come around all that often. The next is undoubtedly David Aaron Carpenter."
Alex Ross, The New Yorker
"David Aaron Carpenter plays with superlative assurance and magnetic conviction"
Andrew Achenbach, Gramophone (Editor's Choice Award)
"If there's such a thing as an overnight-star violist, it's David Aaron Carpenter. (...) Carpenter is in a league with the best."
David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer
"A New Star at the forefront of Violists"
Manuel Brug, Die Welt
"David Aaron Carpenter plays the viola like a young god."
Helsinki Times, Jukka Isopuro, 02/11/2011